What Is Viral9?

Viral9 is a traffic engine which has capacity to influence brands to go viral, we build your brand image through the power of social media. It helps social media influencers to monetize their social media presence.

How to sign up on Viral9?

Click on sign up and fill the simple details. Your sign up will only be completed when you complete your payment details.

Where should I contact if I need any help?

For any queries related to Viral9, you must use the Viral9 inbuilt chat system located at bottom right corner of the screen. We are generally online all the time, sometimes the response gets a little delayed but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am a publisher, how do I get started?

It's just a matter of few moments to get your account approved. Your Facebook page should have 100,000 likes. Drop us a message at Viral9 in-built chat with your Facebook page url and a screenshot of admin panel of the same page.

How to know viral links and viral domain?

We inbox daily viral links and viral domain in the viral9 inbuilt chat. Please make sure you see there because all you need is already sent to you in your chat boxes. We test the domain and if there is good reach, we inform everyone by using Viral9 chat.

What are the payment methods?

We are offering three payment methods based on the feasibility which are Paypal, Payoneer(Bank transfers) and Bank transfer (Only India). The payment day is 5th of every month and payment will be on monthly basis.

How much do I earn per click?

It all depends on the traffic you are sending to WittyFeed. You can check the rates on every link, it depends on the traffic source(country).

What is Bounce Rate? How to make sure my bounce rate is low?

The percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. Post on the page as per audience requirement. Give proper gaps while posting, one hour gap between a post and a link will give you a good reach. Writing good captions also help while posting on the page which in-turn reduces your bounce rate and the quality of your page remains good.

How often I must ask the bounce rate?

If you think your bounce rate is not okay, you must ask your bounce rate to the admin in Viral9 chat.

Factors which decide Risk Factor ?

High Risk factor is decided by different characteristics, every IP has a score, and by various factors it is decided if any IP is unsafe or safe. A risk factor is also affected by using Various IPs on one device, It decides all that by looking at your IP logs and if the system detect it as unsafe, it is not counted. That is not in our hands, we use Forensiq for tracking the traffic quality and they are the best in the market.

How to get customized domain , it's rate and procedure?

In Viral9 account, there is an option for custom domain, just type your required domain and click on search, if it will be available, you will get the domain. The mentioned amount will be deducted from your Viral9 account. Your minimum amount in unpaid should be $20 and custom domain will be live in your account in minimum 24 hours.

What is the minimum amount needed for initiating on-demand payment? How much time it takes to receive on-demand payment?

The minimum amount for on-demand payment is $100. From the total earning, 3% will deduct from your account. On-demand payment takes 24 hours to process.

What is spamming? How can I stop it?

Spamming can happen if you post Viral9 links in comments on Facebook posts or else you mislead the people by modifying the thumbnail. If you are caught doing any spamming, you will be banned and no further questions will be entertained.

Is schedule posts working or when it will work?

Our technical team is working on it and scheduling will be live soon. For now, scheduling is temporarily disabled.

How many pages can I use to send traffic to Viral9?

You can have as many as pages you want but in each household only one Viral9 account is allowed.

Why my Viral9 account was banned?

If you get an email that your account is banned, it might happen for below mentioned reasons:

  1. May be your bounce rate is high .
  2. May be you are delivering useless or unwanted traffic or bots.
  3. May be you posted unwanted posts misleading others.

I want to advertise with Viral9. Can you give us traffic?

We are not giving traffic to any websites currently but if that happens in the near future, we will let you know.

Many links and domains are getting blocked. Why and what is the solution for this?

We have mailed Facebook regarding this and we expect a solution in coming days.


What is the Payout/Payment day?

5th of every month.

What is minimum amount of payment?

Minimum amount for payment is $40.

How many payment methods we have?

We have three payment method: -

1- For India:- Bank Transfer Only

2- For Outside India:- Paypal & Payoneer

We also pay direct into bank outside the India through Payoneer.

What is On-Demand Payout?

On-Demand payment is a process of paying you before the payment day. For that, you must have minimum of $100 in your unpaid.

What percentage you deduct in On-Demand payment?

The minimum amount for on-demand payment is $100. From the total earning, 3% will be deducted from your account. Also, On-demand payment takes 24 hours to process.

How much time it takes to credit the amount in the account?

It will take approx 24 hours after the payment sent from our side.

Note: - Please update your payment details before 30th of the month because you will not able to update your payment details in the first week of the month. If you didn’t update correct payment details and your payment is credited in other account, we will not be responsible for that.